Our Services

At Shisa Marketing Social Media Marketing we like to keep things simple. We also offer month-to-month. A-la-carte. No long-term contracts. 


Our Services

At Shisa Marketing we like to keep things simple. We also offer month-to-month. A-la-carte. No long-term contracts. 



Web-trends are ever changing in the technical world. At Shisa Marketing we believe that having a great website works hand in hand with Social Media. Having a great looking and functioning website is one of the foundations of building your brand effectively. We work with each of our clients to make sure they get what they want. Let our team of front-end and back-end developers design you a beautiful website that is functional and represents your business effectively.  

Social Media

Social Media is what we do best. In-fact, we are brilliant at it. In a time where everyone has a presence on Social Media, companies should be no exception. Our Social Media packages are designed and tailored to get the best out of each client that we work with. We create content that will encourage engagement with your current and potential customers as well as manage and promote your Social Media to increase brand awareness. What are you waiting for? Contact us!

Photo & Video

No one wants to look at a picture that looks like it has been taken with a potato. Many times we encounter great brands that are using sub-par photography to represent their brand. At Shisa Marketing we want to fix that. Included in all our packages we offer photography that will best represent your company. If you want to take things to the next level then have a look at our professional video production packages. These packages also include drone footage, for an added professional touch!

What We Do Best

Social Media Management and Web Design involves a lot of work that happens in the background. Here’s what we do.


Digital Design
Market Research
Web Design
Content Strategy
Portuguese Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Business Consulting

Work With A Team That You Can Call Your Own.

At Shisa Marketing, our team is well-versed in Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Graphic Design, Video and Photo Editing, and much, much more. Interested? We can show you what it looks like to have a full marketing team at your side, without the overheads, contracts and run around. 

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